Advertisement evolution

Advertisement is one of those marketing strategies that have high return-on-investment and have been effective since the past few decades. Traditionally, advertisement were confined to pamphlets but later on it made its journey through newspaper, television, performing arts and now, it’s making its impact through social influencer platforms too. The idea of an advertisement has also been mended from time to time with addition of factors like emotional connection with the brand, recognition of similar products just by the name of brand etc. Digital Marketing is the greatest revolution in the history of advertisement because it changed the way people used to look at advertisement. Advertisement were considered to be boring five minute breaks in between your movies, an unskippable prison, you have to be in for a few seconds, before your YouTube video starts; but now, with a mind boggling idea by Marque Berry, Meme marketing has made advertising no less than fun. People interact with memes on a daily basis and there is a follower base on millions on mist of these meme pages. People like to have fun while learning about something and that’s the subtle art of meme. It’s like serving the most bitter medicine in the disguise of ones favourite meal. People don’t even noticed that they subconsciously gained trust on the brand because of the shared laugh. Marque Berry has revolutionized the field of digital marketing and is sure to bring a lot to the table in the coming decades.


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