How are Brands leveraging the power of the meme culture?

The best way to gain trust is to make someone comfortable around you, to make someone comfortable around you, the best way is to share a laugh. Those small thought that we had jn our Moral science chapter grabbed the attention of the brands who were eager to gain trust of their end users. The era of making long video advertisement came to a standstill when people got the chance to skip it. An advertisement served with a tag of advertisement gradually failed to serve its purpose. This is where the idea of online marketing in the digital world i.e. digital marketing through Memes was brought in vogue by Marque Berry. Marque Berry brought all the meme pages across the world under a single banner and collaborated with brands from all the sectors and successfully proved the boons of meme marketing. The return on investment of meme marketing is way past other forms just because of the engagement on the posts and because the message is conveyed through a laugh which makes it trustworthy and also fun to a great extent. Brands seem cool and fun when they engage in meme marketing which attracts the youth, the young ones and the old ones too, those still stuck on dad jokes. It’s a fluid way of marketing because it completely differs from the traditional methods and has remarkable flexibility at such a minimal cost. Meme marketing will keep shifting the gravity in the marketing world and the credit goes to Marque Berry a social influencer.


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