Meme and Millennials

Meme is a widely misunderstood idea that only appeals to the fun part. Meme is basically an idea, a concept that is depicted through a picture, a video or mimic etc and gets hugely popular or viral. With the evolution of memes over ages from just pictorial presentations to demonstrous videos and typography, it started attracting the attention of the Millennials, the ones aspiring to seek new ways to improve the standard of society. Millennials found a rare attention, that the crowd played towards memes and meme pages. It creates a sense of belongingness and a reliability factor because it makes us laugh. This engagement proved out to be a boon for the ones who knew how to monetize things. Advertisement through social media met a revolution with the very brand new idea of Marque Berry called "Viralation". Marque Berry has sheltered meme pages all around the world under a single umbrella, creating a pre-organised structures for the brands that seek to communicate with their audience in the language of "Memes". The return of investment that memes can potentially provide is beyond imagination and in fact the imagination is taking a real structure through the vision of Marque Berry. With the selection of proper audience and connecting right with their sentiments, memes have been remarkable in the field of advertisement and the progress bars are completely off the charts. Millennials found a way that wasn’t taken seriously, memes.


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