What is meme and What is Meme Marketing

Meme is a widely misunderstood idea that only appeals to the fun part. Meme is basically an idea, a concept that is depicted through a picture, a video or mimic etc and gets hugely popular or viral. Memes have faced evolution during the last decade in a very fascinating fashion. From just pictorial presentation to entering the world of videos or just typography, memes have a wide influence on the social media. People interact with memes just the way they used to go through the joke section of the weekly magzine. Memes are fun and a very relevant substitution for long and boring advertisements, having a high potential and a better promise to convert the target audience into a potential customer. Memes are used to create a moment of humour and the content involved is open to all sorts of domains, which creates a wide opportunity for creating awareness about certain products or services in a cool fashion. Memes generate a sense of belongingness, a communal vibe and an aura of reliability due to the shared laughs and this makes the advertisement more relatable for the target audience. Most of the meme pages are an all time source for revenue generation for a huge amount of people out there. The interpretation and exploitation of memes over ages has opened a door which has more opportunities than ever in the field of marketing, socialising and business opportunities. Companies like Marque Berry are one of those who grabbed the opportunity and have turned the fortune of many brands with these meme pages. Meme pages under the roof of Marque Berry share a shed of profit, they never imagined of. A symbiotic relationship, for a fortune ride.