Why should you go for meme marketing?

Marketing, in the current world, has become an inevitable part of every business. Brands spend a very good sum of money, nowadays, for advertisement. These advertisements consist of posters at various places, video based ads on television or just a quick image flash at railway station’s display. But the real question is, does the content stay with the end user? Do they really ponder upon it? How effective are those traditional methods? Marque Berry came up with a fresh new idea and an innovative technique. Marketing through meme, an initiative by Marque Berry, has shaken the world of digital marketing to its core. People engage with memes on a daily basis and a study shows that 62% of the world’s population has an engagement with memes. This increases the engagement of the target audience with the post, at same investment, upto tenfold of what a brand used to get. Memes connect with the crowd on various grounds such as social, economical, personal, communal, cultural etc. which binds the brand and the customer with a knot of trust. Marque Berry conducted a thorough research on the taste of meme pages, the type of followers which made it easy for them to allow the brands to create a persona upon which, the type of meme pages they need can be presented to them. If I were a brand and had to invest on marketing, Marque Berry is where I would go one of the best social influencer.

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